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Environment, social and governance (ESG) principles are central to how we care for people and communities.

About usSustainability

Sustainability is at the foundation of who we are as an electricity distributor.

It literally demands that we take a long-term view to building and managing infrastructure that sustains safe and reliable electricity services. Importantly, it is also reflected in our values, the strategies that guide our plans and the performance of our teams.

Our Sustainability Framework

Our Sustainability Framework 2022- 2026 sets out how we are doing this. The framework outlines our commitments to continuously improve our performance in four focus areas:

• Safe and equitable workplaces: prioritising the health, safety and wellbeing of our people and the communities we operate within.
• Environmental and climate resilience: proactively reducing the environmental impact of our businesses while also building network resilience to climate change.
• Empowering communities: enabling customer choices for how they generate, store, use and sell energy to support the transition to a clean energy future.
• Responsible governance: sustaining our disciplined, risk-based approach to managing sustainability as part of our corporate governance and regulatory systems.

Our annual Sustainability Report

Our annual Sustainability Report tracks our performance against these targets.

We understand that expectations for our networks and the essential services we provide are changing rapidly. So, each year we also review the issues that are of highest relevance and significance to both our stakeholders and our business.

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