We recognise that climate change is affecting our environment and the local communities we operate in. How our society generates and uses electricity directly influences this change.

Electricity networks like ours play an important role in facilitating new energy technologies to help provide a cleaner environment in the communities we serve – and we are committed to reducing environmental risk wherever we can.

We have a specialist team providing environmental advice to ensure everyone in our business is kept in the know about environmental issues that affect their roles.

To support a cleaner future we are:

  • facilitating the uptake of household, commercial and large-scale renewable energy generation to support homes and communities to take control of their energy choices
  • reducing the environmental impact of our operations through improved network efficiency and environmental protection
  • building a resilient network to sustain high reliability while environmental conditions become even more challenging.

We report our sustainability performance to our shareholders and our greenhouse gas emissions via the Federal government’s National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting (NGER) program.

Some of our sustainability initiatives include:

  • Our vegetation management team trim trees and bushes away from our powerlines to lower the risk of them starting a bushfire. But we always do so in a way that protects the health of the trees
  • We recycle oil, scrap metal, computers and other waste where ever we can
  • We offset our light vehicle emissions. We have been a long-term participant in the Greenfleet program to offset our light vehicle fleet carbon emissions. Our contributions have enabled the planting of native, biodiverse forests in Australia. By 2020, we’d helped revegetate an area covering more than 73 hectares.  This is 36 times the size of the Melbourne Cricket Ground.
  • We work with like-minded suppliers. Our Supplier Relationship Management Framework helps ensure that the social and environmental risks of our suppliers are assessed and managed on an ongoing basis.
  • We reduce energy consumption at our work sites. Our new depots are energy efficient and are powered by solar panels.
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