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Empowering communities

Enabling customer choices for how they generate, store, use and sell energy, and support a clean energy future.

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The electrification of homes, businesses and transport are all impacting on the supply and demand for electricity on our network.

Emerging products and technology are offering new choices for all our customers and this influences how we manage our networks.

One of the ways we support customer choices is by enabling homes with rooftop solar systems to export any extra electricity they generate into our networks.  We also have a role in connecting batteries, electric vehicle charging and new community energy projects like microgrids.

To ensure the opportunities arising from this are fairly and equitably accessible to all customers, we support programs to build their energy literacy.

We’re also investing in industry leading technology and innovation. This includes neighbourhood batteries, new devices to pre-empt network faults before customers experience an issue, and advanced data systems made freely available to the market.

Every day, we are engaging with a wide range of people in line with our value to be customer and community minded.  Stakeholder engagement is captured within our operational planning, including major projects and new energy solutions, as well as our extensive regulatory processes.  This engagement seeks to listen to the needs, interests and preferences of these people and helps us to make better business decisions.

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