Responsible governance

The Victoria Power Networks Board of Directors has overall responsibility for corporate governance and strategic direction for the businesses including our performance in sustainability. Working with the executive and senior management, it also helps ensure appropriate policies, procedures and systems are in place to manage risk, optimise business performance and maintain high standards of ethical behaviour and legal compliance.

All business risks, including sustainability related risks, are assessed, prioritized and managed under our internationally certified Enterprise Risk Management Framework.

The material issues and metrics defined by our Sustainability Framework are directly relevant to identified business risks and established policies. This is one of the ways we ensure sustainability related risks are identified, assessed, monitored, managed and reported.

This Sustainability Framework was approved by the Executive Management Team and the VPN Board.

The implementation of this framework is led by our Head of Health, Safety and Sustainability in collaboration with executive from across the business through the VPN Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Steering Committee. They will conduct an annual review of the materiality assessment, strategic measures and targets, coordinate the reporting on actions executed and results, and inform reporting to the Board ESG Committee on both progress and any recommended updates to our approach.

Material issue: financial, risk and corporate governance. We maintain high standards of governance to monitor compliance with financial, legal and other obligations, and that we meet the expectations of our stakeholders in line with our policies and values.

MeasureBaseline 2019Target 2026
Board and ESG Committee oversight of
risk and compliance framework
5 Board meetings5 Board meetings and 4 ESG
Committee meetings annually
Holding our employees accountable to
our values and Code of Conduct
Annual performance
management process
Annual performance
management process
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