If you have experienced loss or damage due to an issue with your power supply, then information is available about our compensation processes for customer claims.

Power outages are not typically covered for compensation but depending on the duration and the number incurred during a year, you may be entitled to a Guaranteed Service Level payment.

Unauthorised voltage variations like power surges or low voltage ‘brownout’ events, can cause damage to equipment and appliances. Compensation may be available for damage or repairs resulting from the voltage variation.

Compensation fact sheet

Please see the compensation fact sheet below and refer to the claim forms (CitiPower & Powercor) and request forms  provided when commencing this process.

Insurance Letters

Customers who do not meet requirements for compensation or those seeking compensation on a new for old basis may wish to consider their insurance policy. Should we have a record of an incident affecting your property, we can provide a letter that may be passed to your insurance company to support your claim.

If you would like a letter to confirm an incident at your property, please complete the Insurance Letter Request form in the documents and resources tab above. An investigation will be undertaken and a letter sent.

Submitting a Customer Claim

If you believe you have suffered a loss as the result of an unauthorised voltage variation or an outage due to an act or omission by CitiPower or Powercor or one of its employees, in bad faith or through negligence, please supply details as per the claim form.

Please note: We may need to perform our own assessment of the damaged items so please don’t throw it out. Please make the item available to our assessor.

If you have trouble downloading a form, please  contact us  and we will arrange one to be sent to you.