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Making a claim

If you have experienced loss or damage due to an issue with your power supply, you can make a claim.

Contact usMaking a claim
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Start a claim on the myEnergy portal

Login or register on the myEnergy portal, then choose Customer resolution centre to start your claim

What happens after you lodge your claim?

  • On average, it takes 15 business days to investigate a claim – more complex claims may take longer
  • Once received, we review our systems and consult with business areas as part of our investigation
  • If your claim is eligible for compensation, we’ll send you an offer
  • In the case, customers disagree with the outcome, a review can be requested through our Customer Resolutions team.

Before you start

We know that making a claim can be tricky. To help you through this process, we’ve put together the information you need to make the claim process as smooth as possible.

What we’ll need from you

Here’s what we’ll need from you.

1. Your details

  • Incident address
  • Contact details: email and phone
  • National Metering Identifier (NMI) located on your electricity bill.

2. Claim item details

  • Proof of damage* – assessment report from qualified technician
  • Clear photo(s) of damage
  • Proof of purchase* – original purchase receipt

*All uploaded files need to be within 3MB each

3. Hold onto damaged item (where applicable)

Hold onto your damaged item until after the outcome of your claim. Disposing your damaged item before we have completed our assessment may not allow us to process your claim.

Important information

Compensation available to you

Powercor and CitiPower, alongside all Distributors in Victoria, assess claims in line with the Electricity Distribution Code of Practice, Schedule 4.

Compensation you may be entitled to is offered for direct property damage and does not extend to cover consequential loss.

Consequential losses refer to losses that aren’t directly related to an unauthorised voltage variation, including business and food loss.

Business customers are required to confirm they have reasonable protection in place in the event of a voltage variation.

How is compensation value worked out?

Where direct property damage occurs, compensation will be offered for the repair or replacement value of an appliance.

Where replacement value is offered, we’ll offer like for like (market value) compensation.

Unlike an insurance company that offers new for old, we’ll pay for the value of the item at the time of the damage.


The Amount Claimed is divided by its Expected Lifespan, in years. This equals a Yearly Value.

The Yearly Value is then multiplied by Remaining Lifespan, in years. This equals the Compensation Value.

Step through example: a 4 year old fridge

  1. A four year old fridge Amount Claimed is $900. The expected lifespan of the fridge is 12 years
  2. The Amount Claimed of $900 divided by Expected Lifespan of 12 (years) equals $75
  3. The Expected Lifespan (12) minus its age (4) equals eight. This is its Remaining Lifespan
  4. The Yearly Value of $75 multiplied by its Remaining Lifespan (8) equals $600.

For information on the Claims Process, download the Claims Compensation Fact Sheet.