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For all your electricity supply needs, from new residential builds or estate developments through to renewable generation, we’ve got you covered.

The Supply Quick Calculator provides you a price estimate for many new supply and relocation requests.

Once we receive your application, we will contact you to guide you through the augmentation process.

What is a negotiated connection service?

Negotiated connection services are those that do not meet the criteria for a basic connection service. That is, the connection may be large or complex, or require network augmentation. For example, this may include:

  • connection of residential dwellings and small commercial premises requiring greater than 170 amps;
  • micro-embedded generation requiring greater than 5kW per single phase connection and greater than 30kW for a three phase connection;
  • embedded generation that is not micro-embedded generation (i.e. not compliant with AS4777);
  • high voltage, reserve capacity or dedicated assets;
  • establishment of embedded networks; or
  • real estate developments.

Negotiated connection services may also include connections where we construct the connection assets or the customer constructs and gifts the connection assets to us under our contestability framework, such as residential housing developments.

For residential and small business connections not requiring network extension or capacity upgrade, referred to as basic connection services, please visit Connect your home or business with eConnect.

For information about our Connection Policy and how charges are set, read the CitiPower Connection Policy and Powercor Connection Policy.