Load shedding

Load shedding is when power is turned off to some customers because there is not enough electricity being generated to meet demand.

This can happen for a range of reasons, including as a result of:

  • significant electricity use during extreme hot weather
  • a technical fault at one or multiple power stations
  • an incident on a high voltage transmission line.

Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) makes the decision to load shed and will instuct us to undertake rotational power outages to reduce electricty demand.

Check for outages in your area

If load shedding is happening in your local area we will list it on the outage map.

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Load shedding frequently asked questions

Who makes the decision to load shed?

AEMO makes the decision to load shed. They tell us how much the demand needs to be reduced by, and we respond by switching power off in different areas across our network for short periods of time. In most instances, we receive these instructions at very short notice.

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