CitiPower and Powercor Networks

CitiPower and Powercor own and operate two of Australia’s largest electricity networks, supplying power to over 1.1 million Victorian households.

CitiPower owns and manages a 157 square kilometre electricity distribution network. It provides power for more than 330,000 customers in Melbourne’s CBD and inner suburbs.

Powercor owns and operates Victoria’s largest electricity distribution network, with more than half a million poles and over 88,000 kilometres of power lines. The network provides electricity for nearly 820,000 customers in central and western Victoria, as well as Melbourne’s western suburbs.

Both are closely monitored and millions of dollars are invested each year to make sure the networks are safe and reliable.

View our CitiPower network area map

View our Powercor network area map

CitiPower Network Statistics
Network line lenth7,503km
Network area157km sq
Zone substations transformers102
Distribution transformers4,797
Underground lines43.5%
Network availability99.99%
Powercor Network Statistics
Network line length88,364km
Network area145,700km sq
Zone substations transformers141
Distributions transformers84,378
Underground lines14.5%
Network availability99.97%

Update January 2019.

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