Network Control Centre

Our networks are managed by one of the largest electricity control rooms in Australia.

With teams operating 24/7 and every day of the year, the control centre manages the flow of electricity and daily performance and security of our network.

Operating behind multiple screens capturing high technology signals from across our network, the control centre guides our crews on the ground to act or restore power safely an quickly.

Each year, thousands of jobs are managed by this team to mobile crews where needed to fix faults on the network or to conduct routine repair and maintenance jobs.

These include:

  • Work to complete network upgrades to provide increased power to communities with improved reliability
  • Customer requested projects like new connections to homes or buildings
  • Work to decommission lines and power new ones including underground cables
  • Hundreds of requests to move powerlines to support roadworks or to allow wide and high loads like wind farm turbines to be transported to their development sites
  • Preparing our networks for high peak demand and bushfire risks over summer.

Our control centre works closely with our Contact Centre which fields more than 2,000 phone calls a day from customers, or more than 775,000 calls a year.

We answer 66% of calls by Integrated Voice Response (IVR), which can automatically identify your location and acknowledge an outage, describe possible causes and estimate a restoration time. Giving you this info upfront makes it fast for most customers to get the advice they need. The remaining 34% of calls are managed personally by our Service Agents based in Melbourne, Bendigo and Ballarat.

Have a question for our team?

Have a question for our team?