Powercor Network Performance

While the reliability performance of our network is already high, we’re always trying to make it better.

Improving the reliability of our network is one of the main reasons we come to work each day. Powercor is one of the highest reliability performing rural electricity networks in Australia (based on the Australian Energy Regulator’s report), so we’re already doing well.

But there’s always room for improvement. So we’re constantly looking at how we can continue to provide a high quality service to a growing population, and then make it even better.

2019 Powercor Reliability Targets

Powercor provides a highly reliable electricity supply to more than 800,000 customers in western and central Victoria and Melbourne’s western suburbs. This is a proud record and we are working with the Australian Energy Regulator (AER) to make ongoing improvements to our service delivery.

The targets for service reliability that have been set for us in 2019 by the AER are summarised below.

Reliability MeasureOutage TypeUrban LinesRural Short LinesRural Long Lines
Average minutes off supply per year (SAIDI)Unplanned 83.11113.19273.09
Planned* 19.542.885.5
Average frequency of unplanned interruptions per year (SAIFI)Sustained (> 1 minute)1.0471.3572.369
Average frequency of momentary interruptions per year (MAIFI)Momentary (< 1 minute)1.1842.9985.401
Average length (in minutes) per unplanned interruption (CAIDI)7983115

* Planned SAIDI target not set by AER.

Although Powercor strives to deliver a high level of reliability to customers, occasionally we may be unable to meet your expectations. Powercor is required by section 6.3 of the Electricity Distribution Code to pay compensation to our customers if we fail to meet certain specified service levels. In 2019 Powercor anticipates making the following number of payments to our customers.

Guaranteed Service LevelEstimated Number of Payments to Customers
Customers who receive a low reliability payment900
Customers who receive a supply restoration payment26,000
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Have a question for our team?